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Author Sam Crescent

Hi everyone,

My muse has been working me hard just lately lol. So sorry for all of the releases. I’ve had all of these ideas, and I just had to get them out.  I wanted to say a big thank you for all of your wonderful reviews, comments, and messages with regards to Fat Mate. Hearing your feedback is the best feeling in the world.

Fat Mate was a book that was hard to write as I took some of my own thoughts, my own feelings especially when it comes to image. I’m a big girl, full-figured, and have been all my life. Names have followed me everywhere, and within my books I can give my heroines the chance to stand up. I hope I didn’t upset or offend anyone, as that was not my intention. It’s also not my intention with Chubby Chaser, which is scheduled for release July…

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